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Food Festivals

Fresh - Fresher - The Freshest Food Festivals

Twice a Month Street Flavours Of Turkey Festival
MAY >> Strawberry Festival |Mother’s Day
JUNE >> Father’s Day |Melon & Watermelon Festival
JULY >> Peach Festival
AUGUST >> Cherry Festival
SEPTEMBER >> Grape Festival
OCTOBER >> Pomegranate Festival | Oktoberfest

  • Paloma Hotels Street Flavors of Turkey Festival

    Street Flavors of Turkey Festival

  • Paloma Hotels Strawberry Festival

    Strawberry Festival

  • Paloma Hotels Happy Mother

    Happy Mother's Day

  • Paloma Hotels Happy Father

    Happy Father's Day

  • Paloma Hotels Melon Festival

    Melon Festival

  • Paloma Hotels Peach Festival

    Peach Festival

  • Paloma Hotels Cherry Festival

    Cherry Festival

  • Paloma Hotels Grape Festival

    Grape Festival

  • Paloma Hotels Pomegranate Festival

    Pomegranate Festival

  • Paloma Hotels Oktoberfest


  • Paloma Hotels Organic Farm

    Organic Farm

    We have listened to the call of nature and invite you to do the same. What has started as an amateurish farming hobby that was nourished by the love of nature inherited from our family, turned out into a specialism in organic agriculture and eco-agriculture tourism which can be seen as one of the leading enterprises across the country which is established in 400 hectares.

  • Paloma Hotels Değirmen Restaurant

    Değirmen Restaurant

    Best place in the region to experience and enjoy the local cuisine where the organic products from the farm are served. As a pioneer of organic farming, it is our aim to care for our environment and spread these principles of sustainable consumption.

    We are currently glad and proud to be able to serve a wide range of our organic products in Sultan Beldibi.